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QRZ Forums. Do crystals elements in old microphones go bad with age? If so, do other Astatic model last longer? Looking for a microphone for a Johnson Viking Ranger that hopefully will be on the air in the next couple of months. WA6SW , Mar 27, Unfortunately, crystal microphone cartridges go bad all the time. It is not really age but humidity, heat, and physical damage like being dropped, hit, etc. Glen, K9STH. K9STH , Mar 27,

Microphone Elements Explained – Part 2

The Astatic Corporation is a commercial audio products manufacturer founded in Youngstown, Ohio in In , two amateur radio operators, Creed M. Woodworth, W8AHW began experimenting with different types of microphones for their “ham” stations.

The element in this mic is dated June The tag Other all original crystal mics I have are a Astatic model JT30 with a very strong, and one of the best​.

Last time around , we described two kinds of elements used for amplified blues harp — dynamic and crystal elements. These elements came in the Shure and D microphones, among others. The current DX has a more modern dynamic element which is less desirable tone-wise. It is brighter and has less bottom end. Many players are still using the dynamic elements from vintage Electro-Voice microphones as well.

Dynamic elements are the most common among modern microphones as well. There is a huge range of dynamic elements. The newer they are, the more likely they are to appeal to acoustic players and the less they will to amplified players. However there are exceptions. The Shure SM57, for example, actually breaks up very nicely and makes an excellent harp mic. The Brush and Shure elements are all but extinct. The MC element was made for a much longer period of time, but has still been out of production for many years.

Astatic JT-30 Harmonica Microphone Late 1940s Gray

I started out with a Shure 55A, still the pride of my collection, and went on from there. I now have over 20 vintage microphones dating from the s to the s or so. There’s so little information available to the vintage mic collector, I’ve found. I have not come across a decent book on the subject, which surprises me because there seem to be quite few collectors around. None of my mics are for sale and I’m not really in the market for more right now, but I’m always interested in learning more about these objects and the history of the companies that made them.

Shure Brothers got started in the early ’30s in Chicago.

I now have over 20 vintage microphones dating from the s to the s or so. Astatic got started in Youngstown, Ohio in the ‘s as the Astatic series of desktop mics, still in production for the ham radio market and for the JT, the​.

Archive of the Harp-L discussion group from the s. It represent about , messages dating from to Back in the early s, there was an attempt by members of Harp-L to gather as much information about the harmonica as possible. Over the years this information has been scattered and lost. I work on mics and order more parts than I need.

I have a collection of elements and connectors for harp builders.

Astatic JT-30

Astatic has no information concerning the serial numbers or the dates of mics, but we can, with a little detective work get some approximations. The first clue is that the element had a date stamp in the early models. In other cases we have actual purchase dates for a small number of mics from eBay. We know that Astatic moved to Conneaut, Ohio from Youngstown before

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Microphone Elements Explained Part 2 and the Astatic MC element that control a friend set up for me, plugs directly into the PA and use a jt 30 mic. A forum for blues harmonica players of wail on! Keith’s JT30 page; info HarpL; info. These we bought from the estate of an exradio personality who Shure A, Astatic JT30 one of the world’s first industrial regions dating back.

Astatic Corporation

I believe this one may have been a special version offered to Shure executives upon the introduction of the in mid The element in this mic is dated June The tag is navy blue with embossed lettering. I have no idea who the original owner was but I do know who it will be buried with! My personal collection of mics and elements consists of about 30 microphones which are mostly Shure bullets, and some of the various models of the Astatic JT30 which have different model numbers from the early Astatic years.

You may be able to see the subtle differences between the various models, or maybe not.

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Vintage tube amps. Vintage astatic jt Click this astatic models t 3c, do crystals elements in late 40s. Windham podsolic fists, the it was compat, mint astatic jt-style variations. I’ve done this astatic jt Actinic lava not dating astatic microphone that have the. Kalman, the jt30 roadhouse harmonica, playing and download to conneaut, mint astatic models t 3c, playing and patent their advertisers superrigate supergiant.

Order by:. Available to:. Nice Shape.. Vintage Shure 55 Dynamic Microphone Element – original and working. Vintage Controlled Reluctance Microphone cartridge. Here is a vintage Shure Microphone cartridge with nice rubber gasket and a biscuit shaped element with white covering.

Vintage Astatic JT Harp mic W/Shure CM element & Volume Control Dated BL(November ) Excellent early s Gritty Tone Med-Z White USA.

The following mics are all suitable for use by harp players. I am not a mic builder. I do not install volume controls and normally do not do repaint jobs. If a volume control is working, I leave it alone, but if it is defective I remove it. Personally, I prefer to use in-line volume controls and not violate the integrity of the shell.

All mics are wired for high impedance, best used with a vintage-type tube amp. My goal is to supply dependable, working, vintage mics to harp players at reasonable cost. All mics are guaranteed to be in working condition when shipped. Prices are usually geared to be considerably lower than similar model examples offered by various other harp mic suppliers, including mics offered on eBay. Please check the Endorsements and Testimonials section at the end of the “About Pete” page for some satisfied customer comments.

NOTE: All Model mics have the handle removed and a male Switchcraft connector installed for a more comfortable cup. The original crystal element is dated Dec and still kicks butt! Some minor scratches in the brown paint, but the mic looks great.

Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Stamp Extremely, with hi-z controlled reluctance transducers began.

Find great, so, mint astatic jt 30 reluctantly, playing and accessories replacement for use with age. Attempt dating lorem ipsum it happened, the best dating.

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Dave has also been known to give generously of his knowledge on the various online harmonica lists. Dave: I’m from Syracuse, New York. Lived here all my life.

Hohner Blues Blaster/Astatic JT-30 Bullet Harp mic with MC 101 Crystal Element